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Single Family Homes

$99 Per Month Free Lease Up Free Set Up No Hidden Fees

We build long-term relationships with our clients through affordable, quality services. Rather than charge a lot of up front fees and add-ons, we focus on operational efficiency and client retention to grow our profits. Years of optimizing our systems has enabled us to do four things very well.

We put more money in your pocket.
We recognize that your house is a major investment, and relentlessly strive to maximize your returns. We start with a custom market analysis to determine a maximum rental value for your house. After we receive your approval on pricing, we create a detailed marketing package and broadcast it to thousands of qualified renters. When a potential renter is ready to view your property our team is available—mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends.

We maintain your property cost-effectively.
We have extensive experience working with contractors to ensure that any maintenance required is done right, and cost effectively. But we don’t call expensive contractors for small jobs like installing smoke detectors—we provide our own low-cost maintenance technicians to save you money.

We protect you from risks.
Our commitment to thorough due diligence includes a 360° property inspection for health and safety issues that could land you in court. We also provide a carefully crafted rental agreement for the maximum protection of your interests. Finally, we screen each applicant carefully for financial stability and a good rental history. Our experienced screener individually verifies each reference and spots red flags that can cost you money. Through the entire renter relationship, we act with professionalism and courtesy to minimize potential conflicts.

We eliminate your hassles.
No midnight calls. No rushing out to the property. No confrontations with renters. We take care of it all—you just cash the checks. We are available to handle the problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do it all by maintaining the highest standards of training, credentialing and ethics.

Please note that Free Lease Up is a limited time offer that applies to new clients with 1 year management agreements. Free lease up applies to the first tenant we find for you. After that lease up is $297.