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multifamily property management services

Our No-Risk Guarantee

If you are not completely delighted with our service after two-months, we will refund all of your fees.

We have invested heavily in technology that gives onsite personal the resources they need to do their best work, but we also are big believers in frequent on site visits and face-to-face staff support. We provide:

Financial Services:

  • Budget preparation and analysis
  • Financial statements
  • Customized financial reports
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Payroll services

Legal Support:

  • Update leases, rules, forms and procedures in compliance with local laws
  • Rules enforcement notices
  • Delinquency and eviction notices
  • Lien sales
  • Prepare of legal agreements
  • Coordinate attorney assistance

Marketing and Infill Support

  • Home sale promotions
  • Market rate analysis

Contractor and Vendor Supervision

  • Competitive bidding
  • Project supervision

Administrative Support

  • Correspondence with government agencies, as needed
On-Site Staff Training and Support:

  • Provide training and supervision to on-site manager’s and maintenance personnel
  • Provide forms, documents and procedures necessary to efficiently conduct business
  • Regular inspections and evaluations
  • Prepare rent increase schedules and notices

Resident Relations:

  • Professional correspondence
  • Promote positive and constructive communications between residents & management

Compliance with Regulatory   Requirement Including:

  • Mobile home residency law
  • Title 25
  • CalOSHA
  • Gas pipeline safety act
  • Health and safety codes
  • Insurance requirements
  • PUC regulations
  • Utility metering
  • Compliance with city, state, county and federal laws, codes and standards
  • Compliance with rent control requirements