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We have created a very investor friendly system to help you accurately analyze, implement, and maintain a profitable real estate investment portfolio. Our primary focus has always been on property management. However, we help investors research, make offers, and purchase investment properties to create a solid investment portfolio to achieve your objectives for Return on Investment (ROI) within your defined level of risk.

This process primarily begins with a meeting between you and our staff consisting of the firm’s Broker, Sales Agent, Accountant, and Maintenance Manager. Together we determine your investment objectives such as: Investment Holding Period, desired ROI, Cash on Cash return, financing parameters, etc. Additionally, we factor in your objective to maximize cash flows or maximize capital appreciation, or some combination of the two.

We then create hypothetical portfolios of actual properties on the market to project gross rents, vacancy rates, maintenance and management expenses, all of which are determined from actual management data available in our management pool of properties. Once we determine that a particular portfolio meets your objectives, we move into the implementation stage and start to make offers on actual properties for sale to create your actual investment.

Once your investment is established, we meet on a regular basis with you to review your portfolios performance. Together we continue to formulate reasonable strategies and implement these strategies to maximize your investment’s return and fine tune your investment strategies.

Please call and ask for a member of our investment analyst team for more information or send a message from our Contact Us page.